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The ex-NBA superstar, Yao Ming, personally requested Jordan to be the Fundraising Auctioneer for his events across China, as he teamed up with Marriott Hotels to support his charity foundations. The go-to Benefit Auctioneer at these events for five consecutive years, Jordan’s charisma & personal touch with the large gala audiences helped raise over USD 1M for the Yao Foundation, each year! Jordan’s unique ability, combined with his Emcee skills, allowed for a hugely impactful fundraising mission.

Jordan loves to work to fundraise for such a great cause, helping migrant & impoverished children have better access to education, food & quality of life across China. A truly wonderful cause!

Jordan was commissioned to emcee & moderate Adidas’ Annual Employee Celebration for over 1000 staff at their glitzy gala! An incredibly interactive evening on stage, introducing the big bosses of Adidas, as well as various entertainers throughout the night. Brand image & celebration being at the forefront, Jordan wowed the audience with his passion & professionalism. 

Such was the success of the event, that Jordan was asked to be the lead Fundraising Benefit Auctioneer for Adidas’ Corporate Social Responsibility programmes in various markets!

Callaway, the giant of the golfing world, engaged with Jordan to help with their corporate market entry into China. Jordan worked with the Callaway team to produce a memorable & interactive series of events across the country, in partnership with the famed Major winner, Danny Willett. As an on-stage Host, Jordan engaged audiences across the country, relaying the Callaway mission to great effect.

Jordan’s love of sports shone through, & was honoured to be part of such a great brand!

In association with Boundless, the fundraising impact agency with whom Jordan works as Chief Strategy Officer, Jordan was asked to host and moderate Mercy Care‘s annual gala in Atlanta – this time virtually. His interactive & energetic style was a hit with the viewers & the Atlanta community, allowing for an engaging & entertaining virtual experience for all! Jordan supported with the run-of-show & script development, ensuring a seamless & compelling flow to the virtual event. It was a great success & a pleasure for Jordan to work with the Boundless Team & Mercy Care!

China’s largest social media platform, Wechat, with its one billion monthly users, recruited Jordan to help them launch their new sports platform across the nation. Jordan was on point in his delivery of the key brand messaging – in both English & Mandarin! This was a hugely successful event, delivered with poise & purpose. 

Jordan was invited to not only pitch one of his startups as a finalist, but also to moderate the on-stage discussions in this popular global tech conference in Hong Kong. Jordan’s understanding of the startup world, coupled with his insightful questions & delivery, ensured an effective event for the industry! Jordan ensured a smooth & interactive flow to the event, speaking to the audience in multiple languages & making the event fun, compelling & informative.

As a native Scotsman, Jordan has often led large brand whiskies experiences for audiences from the U.S & the U.K, to Russia, China & Malaysia. He has acted as the Certified Master Expert for a large array of brands, including Johnnie Walker, Dewar’s & the GlenlivetKnowledgeable, charismatic & personable, Jordan is a sought-after speaker in the world of whisky brands.

Jordan has brought his passionate knowledge of the world of whisky to Atlanta, Georgia, and has performed as Virtually for a variety of occasions, including Prevent Blindness Georgia, & has even donated his Whisky Masterclasses as gifts for Silent & Live Auctions!