Fundraising Auctioneer | Gala Host | Emcee | Atlanta & USA

Gala Host & Emcee

Script-writing / Rundown / Event Flow & Theme Insights / Speaker Support

Jordan brings professionalism, flair & charisma to Galas & Events, where the aim is to be engaging, & to truly communicate the essence of the company & brand. Drawing the crowd in with anecdotes, as well as the ability to read the room, Jordan is a popular choice in Atlanta & across the States – especially with his British accent & international experience! Jordan has worked with a host of brands & corporates around the world, & truly understands how to connect the brand messages with the theme of the occasion.

Fundraising Benefit Auctioneer Gala Host Event Emcee Atlanta

Benefit Auctioneer

Script Support / Run-of-Show / Strategy / Insights

Are you unsure of how to approach the fundraising portions of your gala event? Do you need insights on the psychology behind maximising revenues? Do you  want to engage your community on a deeper level?

 Jordan is a fully licensed Benefit Auctioneer & Gala Host & can feature at your gala, physical or virtual event to truly inspire the audience for the greater good! Jordan knows how to work the room, engaging individuals & the guests at large – whilst deeply capturing the emotional element of non profit missions.

Jordan supports with your revenue aims, run-of-show & script development, as well as strategy to maximize revenue generators, Live & Silent Auctions, as well as the Fund-a-Need portions of your event. He is also the Chief Strategy Officer for Boundless Impact Agency, which helps to amplify your cause, offering an array of key services, including project management & video production.

Find out more about how Jordan & Boundless can make that impact at your next event or gala here!

Virtual Host

Script Support / Rundown / Screen Flow Insights / Virtual Hosting

A virtual meeting with a professional host can be energising & compelling. It is so important to have a host that is inclusive & energetic – but who also understands the objective of the occasion! Jordan has hosted many virtual events & conferences, & ensures they are all vibrant & focused. Whether you are in Atlanta or across the world, Jordan will be the perfect choice for your Virtual Event Needs.

There is such a huge need to have a Virtual Host & Auctioneer that creates the right vibe & flow for virtual events, & Jordan has this great experience!

fundraising auctioneer benefit gala event emcee host atlanta

Seminar & Event Host

Script Support / Topics & Theme Insights / Hosting

Jordan has hosted impactful seminars in many countries around the world, from China & Russia, to the UK & the USA. Audiences relish his vast business, speaking & hosting experience, delivered in a meaningful, impactful & memorable way, to ensure a seamless flow amongst speakers & panel discussions.

Whether large or small, Jordan adapts to the audience in a compelling & engaging manner that makes him stand out as a truly professional Host & Emcee.

Events need an experienced stage presence to invigorate the audiences, & Jordan does just that in Atlanta & across the United States.

Corporate Spokesperson

Script-writing / Rundown / Message Flow Insights / Speaker Support

Be it at brand product launches, consumer-facing events, or internal company activities, Jordan delivers a professional engaging performance. He understands the needs for corporates to communicate their vision & mission in a clear & powerful fashion. He works with his clients to understand the key messages that are to be conveyed, & how they are delivered with impact.

As a Spokesperson, Jordan dives into the essence of the brands & corporates he represents, & knows how to relay that message in an effective & memorable fashion!

Emcee & Conference Moderator

Script Support/ Rundown / Panel Discussions / Speaker Moderation

Whether setting the scene in an energetic & engaging fashion, or introducing & moderating executives & keynote speakers, Jordan has a knack for creating interactive energy on stage. He understands the need to get to the core of the event’s causes & vibe, & delivers every time!

Jordan understands the need for the person on stage to have a clear run-of-show, ensuring that a dynamic & compelling atmosphere is created.

Jordan is available across Atlanta & the United States.