About Jordan

Benefit Auctioneer | Nonprofit Fundraising | Gala Emcee & Host - Atlanta, Georgia & USA

Charity Fundraising Benefit Auctioneer Atlanta

Available across Atlanta & the USA

Languages: English | Russian | Spanish | Mandarin

Born in his native Scotland & a graduate of the University of St Andrews, Jordan is an award-winning Event & TV Host, Emcee & Fundraising Auctioneer – supporting at Galas & events across Georgia & the USA. Having performed in front of the British Royal Family & at a range of galas & fundraisers all around the world, Jordan is amongst the most sought-after Auctioneers in the States. He is honored to work with non profits both small & large alike – helping them make an impact that will resonate for years to come. 

Jordan is passionate about getting on stage & creating a memorable rapport with audiences – as well as truly captivating the crowd. His charismatic & engaging personality  (& British accent!) allows for his performances to be lively, entertaining, fun & professional. Fluent in Spanish, Russian & Mandarin, Jordan also loves his languages, as well as playing a lot of golf & soccer!

Jordan has a deep personal mission to help raise revenues for nonprofits, as well as to elevate the impact they make as they seek to change lives. He relishes supporting the causes close to his heart, and is driven to help them succeed! Jordan is so proud to support these wonderful nonprofits, and aims to resonate their mission with guests every time, so as to maximize the occasion and to truly engage their communities. 

Jordan moved to Atlanta in 2019 & is a regularly sought-after support for nonprofits and missions across the United States. 

Jordan has also represented brands & corporates across the globe, & he continues to share his passion at every occasion he attends. Additioonally, Jordan is the Host for the Fine Art Auction Television Network Show.

Certified in Georgia, Florida & a host of other States, Jordan supports nonprofits in their fabulous causes. He works with missions in their revenue aims, run-of-show & script development, as well as strategy to maximise impact generators, Live & Silent Auctions, and of course, the all important Fund-a-Need. 

Whether it is on stage as the Emcee, Fundraiser, Moderator or Host, Jordan brings a flair for engaging audiences. He has a natural ability to understand how to convey the core messages, working creatively with planners & committees to ensure the day is a huge success! Jordan’s experience with all types of occasions, all around the world, brings a unique know-how to each element of preparation for the big day, as well as allowing events to stand out and be memorable.

Jordan has had the good fortune & honour of working on stage in countries near & far, for many amazing non profits, missions and corporates. He lived and worked in China for 13 years, owning an event agency that still operates to this day. Jordan has served clients in Russia, the UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the USA, Australia & Spain. He feels so lucky to have repeat clients that request his services, & he feels truly blessed to be able to help event planners, non profits & corporates amplify their missions on stage and beyond.

Get in touch – whether you need an engaging & charismatic auctioneer for your gala, or someone to get you kick started with some invaluable insights as to how to approach your charity events, Jordan would love to hear from you!


Awarded British Chamber of Commerce Best International Emcee, 2018
RISE - Asia’s Best Start Up Pitch Presenter & Moderator
American Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year, China 2018